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Why Should I pay Reparations? 

Perhaps the question to ask is why shouldn’t you?


When a people of a nation have endured the consequences of an unprecedented, 244 year injustice for all that time, and another 156 years beyond, in a way that continues to cause people to be mistreated, dishonored, and even killed – shouldn’t we all pitch in to do something about it? If it is tearing our nation a part in a way that will make it impossible for us to move as truly “E Pluribus Unum” (“out of many, one”), can we afford to ignore the challenge any longer? Slavery Reparations do not have to be paid because they are owed by anyone living - they are not. Instead, they must be paid for two simple reasons. First, they should be paid because it is the right thing to do. And second, we should pay Reparations because, for the American experiment to endure, slavery Reparations must be paid.

  Obviously, people outside of the Black community must give the lion’s share of Reparations if they are to be successfully paid. We encourage men, women, and corporate entities of every stripe to make a contribution to this cause, and we thank you in advance for making a donation today!

Why should I give to AASRT, Inc.

in particular?

AASRT, Inc. represents the first private American organization in the 400+ year evolution of slavery in America that has successfully disbursed Reparations to the descendants of slaves of African descent in America and their kin and kind that was created for that primary purpose. It makes no effort to compel the government to the right thing it has refused to do for more than century and a half, instead choosing to inspire the just, the enlightened, and the visionary to do what is right and giving them a destination for their virtue and their love of justice. Our organization has a specific and well-thought out protocol that insures the validity of the recipients of Reparations and a pre-disbursement process that requires financial literacy training prior to receiving Reparations funds. Finally, AASRT, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization and all contributions are therefore tax-deductible. 

Where exactly does my money go?

77% of your donation goes into funds explicitly for Reparations, 3% goes toward the administration of the organization and 20% goes to fund development programs that will increase build and engineer wealth structure in the long term. 

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Mail check or money order payable to: AASRT, Inc. P.O. Box 82243 Las Vegas, NV 89180. All donations are tax deductible.

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